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With many years of experience and several branches, Herbal Spa Gold knows very well how to take care of customers. It is endowed with a highly trained and professional team, constantly concerned about the well-being and comfort of customers.

By choosing Herbal as brand identity, combining of modern architecture and classic style with highlights of cozy design. Our space is always marinated in gently scent of essential oils, herbs and immersed in the melodious music and warm golden light. That feature gives you the feeling of being relaxed, relieved and help you forget all the fatigue as well as anxiety of everyday life.Our menu of body treatments, skin treatments uses herbal properties, natural healing ingredients and essential oils.

Located in the heart of Old Town, Herbal Spa Gold is a perfect destination for you to escape from crowded city and busy daily life with easy access and well located location. Wide and beautiful rooms, each one with a specific purpose, are at your disposal. We provide a wide range of massages and beauty treatments, customers have a chance to indulge and sooth your mind and body in luxurious and elegant surroundings.

Everything is in place to let your spirit, mind and body get away.

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We are looking forward to you! You will feel well here. Feel free to contact us any time to make an appointment.